Wedding Photography: Maine + New England

Your wedding day only happens once, and having it documented in a way you love is important. When choosing your wedding photographer- you should love the feel and aesthetic of their photographs. As a Maine wedding photographer I strive to craft wedding portraits that incorporate your surroundings in an organic way. While taking portraits, authentic documentation is important to me. I’m not going to tell you to jump up in the air- (unless that’s your thing)- I’m going to tell you to talk and look into the eyes of the person you love most. After the portrait session part of the day is over- I want you to forget a photographer is there and truly enjoy each moment.

The kind of couples I work with love the landscape of Maine and want their wedding photography to reflect that. They value their experience more than their rings and decor (although their taste is impeccable, so they do a great job of those too) . They want their photographs to capture the mood and feel of the day- and to remember how they felt whenever they look back at them. They want their portrait session short, and their party long!

If this sounds like you then I can’t wait to talk with you about photographing your Maine or new England wedding Adventure! Contact me today to discuss the next steps.

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