Elegant Garden Wedding

Emily and Harry hold a special place in my heart. They were one of the first couples to book with me when I moved back to the east coast, and I so admire their passion for life. They both were getting their masters, moving, and traveling all over while planning their wedding. The wedding festivities took place at The River Farm: home of the American Horticultural Society, so the entire property is breathtaking. Emily and Harry started the day with a private first look in a shaded glade they had chosen together. Then they walked to a large old Dogwood tree to read letters they had written to each other. For the ceremony they both took the arms of their parents, and walked down the aisle to violin played by a friend. Their soccer coach from highschool married them with a sweet, personalized ceremony. For the rest of the night they reunited with loved ones from all over, ate delicious BBQ, and danced. It was such a joy to see their day come alive with beauty and love. Congratulations Emily and Harry!

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