When Anthony and Alicia asked me to photograph their Maine Wedding I was thrilled because it contained two of my favorite elements; it was like an elopement in the size, and by the sea! The two were wed on September 9, 2018 at the tiny All Faiths Chapel in South Portland, Maine.  The whole day seemed like a romantic wedding of the past where everything was quaint, walkable, and beautifully simple. The groom and his family waited for the bride at the small chapel by the sea. Anthony’s father gave Anthony a pocket watch that has been handed down from father to son for four generations. Alicia and her parents arrived, and without any pause the procession began!

The ceremony was performed by her sister, and 15 close family members were in attendance. After their vows were said and families hugged, Anthony and Alicia walked down to Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse to enjoy their first moments as a married couple. A double rainbow appeared without any rain (locally), which was incredible! The All Faiths Chapel had a little stained glass window with a rainbow over them as they were wed, so it seemed like magic was just following them. The two then took a little scenic walk over to their elegant reception dinner at North 43 overlooking the harbor. The night was filled with lively conversation, delicious food, and candle light. Their South Porltand wedding was so incredibly intimate and ideal; everything flowed with joy and ease. Congratulations Alicia and Anthony!



I met Mike when we started law school together in 1977. I was anxious and knew no one in Eugene. From the first week I feel into a group with Mike and a few others and immedietaly felt at home. Mike became a close friend for the year I spent there (he continued, I did not), and we continued that friendship the next few years with golf and an occasional beer although not near as frequently as I would have wished. Quite simply Mike was one of the nicest people I have ever met. He smiled often and I never remember him saying a bad word about anyone. If he was ever in a bad mood I don’t recall it. I left Oregon in 1997 and we did not connect often but he was remarkable in the true sense of that word and a very important person in my life. I give my thoughts and love to his family and friends. I met his father, mother and sisters at his parent’s house in Portland and remember them fondly. They had much to be proud of in Mike. And while I only got to meet Keri and David and never met Ariele and Max I can only imagine what a treasure it must have been to have been able to spend so much of life with him. Time will replace the pain with the warm memories of family words will be inadequate to express. I am envious of the thie you shared and will miss my friend. Dan Bickmore