Winter Wedding at the Press Hotel + Portland City Hall


Winter weddings are dear to my heart. I find that the cold brings people together along with the benefits of rosy cheeks and cozy scenes. It’s a quiet, snowy evening tonight, and it feels like a perfect time to share the story and intimate Maine winter wedding of Alex and Lauren.

Their wedding day began at the Press Hotel on Exchange Street in Portland, Maine. The hotel gets its namesake from the building’s history as the former printing plant of the Portland Press Herald. They have paid homage to the building’s history not just in name, but by incorporating literary design elements throughout the hotel.  The lobby features a distinguished installation of typewriters, text covers the walls of the halls, and books are used as functional decor in every room.

I met Lauren in her modern suite overlooking the Old Port and harbor. She got ready with her close friends, mother, sister, and adorable ring bearer. Her demeanor was so relaxed and joyful- she was a glowing, radiant bridechilla. After the whole group was ready they went down to the entrance of the hotel where Lauren met Alex for their first look. This moment was exquisite- as they shared sweet ecstatic expressions- I can’t help, but smile thinking about it. Alex and Lauren were set up by two colleagues and now close friends. One of them happens to be a judge, so she was able to marry them in the Portland’s City Hall- which is right across the street from the press hotel. I love it when my clients are brilliant, practical, and plan their day to be walkable- it makes for a wonderful flow to the wedding day.


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