When I started researching this topic, it was hard to find brands that were designed and manufactured 100% in the USA, but after weeks of looking I was was thrilled to find as many as I did. See Part 1 here

In this post, I present to you five more American wedding dress designers that make their gowns in small scale productions throughout United States. I would be absolutely thrilled to see my brides rock these amazing and diverse looks! Throughout my search, I have been pleasantly surprised to see so many affordable dresses- there are of course beautiful pieces of art costing over $3000 as well- but many of my favorite styles are under $1500. Most modern brides spend at least this much on their gown, so as a consumer it’s nice to know that your money is supporting ethical production.

Without further ado here are five more American Wedding Dress designers.

1. CHRISTY DAWN: Los Angeles, California

 The Bergen Dress , $788 The Bergen Dress , $788

Christi Dawn gowns are effortlessly stunning. The company is committed to helping solve the problems of the fashion industry. They only use deadstock: the residual fabrics left over from major fashion houses. Instead of ending up in landfill, they repurpose the materials for their collection.

Price Range: $388 – $1800

Availability: In stock

“Every Christy Dawn piece is made by local artisans in Downtown Los Angeles, sewn with longevity in mind. We use deadstock fabric as to minimize our environmental footprint, and instead of creating thousands of garments at a time, we sew a limited number of pieces, numbering every dress we make. It is no coincidence that Christy Dawn’s way of doing business closely resembles that of a dressmaker living in Placerville, CA a hundred years ago. It’s my intention to create vintage inspired pieces that speak of quality and craftsmanship. I hope you enjoying wearing the dresses as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them. With love, Christy Dawn”

 The Jasper Dress , $388 The Jasper Dress , $388

2. VICTORIA + FITZ: San Juan Capistrano, California

 The Francia top , $685 The Francia top , $685

Victoria and Fitz dresses are handmade in California for “bridechillas”. The name of their company comes from the owner Dana’s grandmothers- “two lovely women had style, lots of love to give, and banging personalities”- which is definitely the vibe the women who rock these dresses have. Their newest line Modern romantics features feminine, sexy designs for the modern bride.

Price Range: $495- $3200

Availability: Made-to-order

“Victoria & Fitz came from the desire to give brides a dress they really feel connected to. A dress that makes them feel exactly how they want to feel on their wedding day. One that expresses their uniqueness and that comes from a brand who values and admires the same things as she does. We want our brides to have fun in our dresses. To dance barefoot under the moonlight or express their vows in the grandeur of the forest. This bride is subtly sexy, admires the great outdoors, and has an itch for travel. She enjoys books in the park, coffee in historic cities, and beers on mountain tops.”

 The Adrianna Gown, $1299 The Adrianna Gown, $1299


 Raincloud Skirt & Raine Top , $4105 Raincloud Skirt & Raine Top , $4105

Leanne Marshall Gowns are pieces of celestial clouds in dress form. Each gown is made in New York City by hand. Leanne uses so many unique design elements- unique high fashion silhouettes, hand dyed organza, and billowing skirts. If you want an incredibly high end and manufactured ethically, Leanne’s gowns are for you.

Price Range: $1298- $4320

Availability: made to order, 20 weeks

“ The Leanne Marshall Brand is a staple for the bride who wants a dress that will showcase, not overshadow, her beauty. Attention to high quality standards, proper flattering fits and silhouettes, and her unique ethereal approach to bridal have made Leanne a go-to for the modern bride. “

 Karsen Gown , 2,998.00 Karsen Gown , 2,998.00  Kiara Gown , $3625 Kiara Gown , $3625

4. TARA LYNN: Vermont

 Photo by Lis Oliveira Photo by Lis Oliveira

Each Tara Lynn gown is made by the designer herself in Vermont. She carries many of her own unique designs, as well as offering very personal custom designs. Tara gets to know each of her brides to ensure she creates their dream dress. I love how she features stunning hand embroidery, and based on her portfolio she could do anything! Tara’s gowns are inspired by her love of nature, and definitely cater to the eco-minded bride as she strives for sustainability in every step of her creation process.

Price Range: $800 – 7000

Availability: made to order and custom order

“In the mountains of Vermont, surrounded by a lifelong collection of colorful vintage fabrics, lace, beads, buttons and trim, designer Tara Lynn works by hand and on vintage sewing machines to create one-of-a-kind wedding gowns from natural, organic and re-purposed fibers—gowns that are custom made for clients throughout the U.S. and around the world.”

 Custom Heirloom Dress, photos by Jared Willis Custom Heirloom Dress, photos by Jared Willis


5. SIMKA SOL: Southern Maine

 The Ecru Gown $689, photo by Meghan Stempel The Ecru Gown $689, photo by Meghan Stempel

Simka Sol: As a Maine wedding photographer, I have to include Simka sol on this list of American Dress Designers! They currently only have one wedding dress option and it is a bohemian dream. Sara, the designer uses organic and american milled fabrics, prints her own designs, and sews all the garments herself. You can have a Maine made wedding dress for your Maine wedding!

Price Range: $689

Availability: Made to order

“Sara drifted away from conventional manufacturing to house the designing, printing and sewing all under one roof. Using ecofriendly inks and sun exposed screens she strives to create a more sustainable, truly handmade product. Every item in the shop is handmade in my home studio, from the skirts, to the scarves. Each item’s process is completed by my hands and each product is special and unique.”

 The Ecru Gown $689, photo by Meghan Stempel The Ecru Gown $689, photo by Meghan Stempel

I hope this list helps you find a dress that you feel good in and good about!

With Care,

Leslie Swan, The Maine Coast Wedding Photographer