Portland Head Light Elopement

portland headlight elopement
portland headlight elopement

Ever since I began photographing weddings, I dreamed of shooting a lighthouse elopement (especially in Maine). Lighthouse elopements marry my love of portraiture, the ocean, and unique architecture. When Lauren and Danny asked me to photograph their Portland, I was thrilled. Portland is one of my favorite cities. It feels like home, and I know so many unique spots. When they opted for a Portland Head Light elopement, I was even more excited because Portland Head Light is such a special place to me. When I first moved to Maine in 2014, I was stunned by the park's natural beauty and how there was no one there (especially in the winter months)!

portland headlight elopement
portland headlight elopement

Lauren and Danny's Maine elopement was a classic in a way. They made spontaneous plans- had never been to Portland before, and decided it would be just them two. As far as their story goes, they met studying abroad on Semester at Sea in 2013, where you live and take classes aboard a ship that travels to different ports worldwide. They joke that they technically met in Russia and had their first date in Germany! They have lived all over the country together and love to travel, so going somewhere new to explore made perfect sense for their elopement. Their chosen day was a Thursday in November, so I told them that it might be cold... but miraculously, it was 64 degrees! It was a magical afternoon as there were no crowds, warm winds, and of course, the majestic sea surrounded us.

Andrea Rohde, the officiant, met us early by the lighthouse, and we found a perfect cliff spot for the three of them to stand with Portland Headlight right behind them. The ceremony was short and sweet, just as they wanted it to be, and the joy between the two of them was so palpable! They were such a thoughtful couple and brought a cake for us all to enjoy afterward. Then we wandered around the rocks as the sun set and followed the trails past the lighthouse. Their day was my favorite kind because it was relaxed yet full of beauty and adventure. It was a truly blissful day.

portland headlight elopement
portland headlight elopement
portland headlight elopement
maine elopement at lighthouse

Thank you to Lauren and Danny for helping me realize my dream of photographing a perfect Portland Head Light elopement!










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