Summer Maine Engagement Sessions

               COVID delayed most of my summer weddings, but Maine engagement sessions were in full swing. I traveled all over Maine to meet my couples in the most stunning and secluded locations. I recommend engagement sessions to all of my clients, giving them a chance to get to know me and feel comfortable. Wedding days can be hectic, and feeling at ease with your photographer can be one of your greatest wedding hacks.

It can feel awkward during your first photoshoot because going to a random location and being the center of attention with a photographer following you around… isn’t normal. That said, it is a convenient time to get some killer photos of you two in your everyday wear during a really special time in your relationship. It’s also a chance to hear me make a fool out of myself, all in an attempt to make you laugh (and honestly, I’m not very funny). I always tell my clients that photoshoots can feel silly because there is no context.

On your wedding day, you document special moments between you, your partner, and your families- so it’s naturally not awkward. As your photographer, the more I get to know about you, the better. Getting to know you both as a couple, and individuals, helps me connect to your story. The relationship we build can translate into better photos, as I feel more in tune with your event and communities.

  Now without any further ado, scroll through this log of gorgeous Maine summer engagement sessions!


View my full Maine engagement photo gallery here.

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